A Weird Week.

This week has been a strange one.  I think I spent a total of two hours (maybe?) in my studio.  Between working about 30 hours at my other job, and battling this stupid cold.... I hardly did anything creative for NestingDoll.  

Balancing life, part time jobs, relationships, health and a budding online business seem to get complicated.... Anyone have an experience with this?  Or just with time management?  It is just not a strong suit of mine.

I know I know, I was sick.  And it's true, my body did need some R&R - which I got.  I do feel SO much better now, but it's strange looking in at my shop tonight and not seeing anything new in there.  Nothing exciting.  So what's next?

I think I continue to try harder, learn from every day that passes and balance it out.  All while making time for my business.  Right?

This is now going on to be a bit of a ramble, but hear me out.  Last night Alex and I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and searched 'Addie the Dog' to see if any other dog compares to our beautiful Addie (full disclosure; wine was involved).  Obviously they didn't, cause I mean, look at my Instagram account.  However, I clicked on a video that must have been some students final philosophy project about how his dog exemplifies being happy with the little things in life.  We didn't even finish the video (cause we got the idea quickly, and that dog just was not NEARLY as cute as our Addie), but I like that.  

I'm not going to feel bad about this week or for not being as productive as I wanted to.  That is what I would typically do - overanalyze, feel guilty, etc.  Send myself down a guilt spiral of how I can't hack it.  But I haven't yet.  And I'm not going to.   

I rested.  I watched a documentary about my beloved Siena.  I drank coffee with people I care about.  I did a teensy amount of exploring.  I got to be creative at my part time job.  I made some great meals.  I don't feel sick anymore.  I took my dog for walks in the nice weather.   

It's the little things.  

How was yours?