In the Kitchen: Making My Own Bread.

This is one of my very favorite (and easiest) things to make from scratch.  I've experimented with a lot of different recipes and I love the entire process.  However, I think we can agree the bread making process can be a bit on the time consuming end.  I would make some bread, and then buy it, make some, and buy it... then mostly buy it... 

....then I got *drumroll please* a BREAD MAKER!


This beautiful vintage baby was my grandparents, and they gave it to me in 2010 when they realized they weren't using it anymore.  At first I thought I would use it all the time, but then a few disaster attempts later....she got stored high on a shelf out of sight, out of mind.  


Then when we moved back to Buffalo, I dusted her off and tried again.  I don't think I've bought bread since then.  

The best part about this one is all of the handwritten notes that my Mema put throughout the little recipe book - she told me that at one time she used it just as often as we do.  I'm so happy to keep this bread maker tradition going.


Seriously, if you can get one of these second hand (I see them all the time at estate sales and thrift stores!) - do it!  It tastes so delicious, I make them vegan (they mostly are anyway), it's cheaper, it's far more zero waste, and it makes your home smell soooooo good!


You literally just dump all the ingredients in and press the button.  It probably takes me under 5 minutes!

Three hours later and voila.  Bread!


I could give you the recipe for this, but I know that every bread maker is a little different so what's the point.  I'd say this post is more of a love letter to my bread maker and to encourage everyone to get one, second hand if you can!  It's probably the only single use appliance I think is the most wonderful creation that I use at least once a month.  

Now to enjoy some fresh bread with butter.