DIY: Tea Towel to Produce Bag.

When I go to the grocery store, I try to use as little plastic as possible.  One of the ways to avoid using the plastic produce bags is to bring your own cloth bags to throw your veggies into!  A lot of fruits and veggies you can just pack loose in your grocery bag, but for things like brussel sprouts or snap peas - these are an absolute necessity. 

This has been one of my favorite ridiculously easy DIY projects recently.  Perfect for a beginner sewer, you could machine sew for a super fast project, or easily hand stitch this up if you prefer sewing that way.  


I picked these tea towels up second hand, I just like to make sure they are 100% cotton.  There are always a ton of kitchen towels every time I'm at a thrift store, but if that's not your thing you could definitely get them cheaply at Ikea or Target.

Let's jump in!

1. Fold them in half with right sides together.  Pin sides, leave top open. 


** For Drawstring bag, leave one side unstitched about an inch from top - this will be the opening for the drawstring.


2. Stitch sides!


3. Flip right side out and voila - the open bag is done!  Whoa.  See? Easy peasy.


4. Drawstring Bag Only - Flip bag right side out, and pin down about an inch around the top of the bag.  This will be the canal where the drawstring will go. 


That inch that you left unstitched on one side is important - this is where the openings for the drawstring will be.


5. Get a piece of ribbon, or bias tape, or shoe lace that is long enough to go through the entire top of bag plus about 6 inches.


6. Tie a knot and use a safety pin to guide bias tape (or ribbon or what-have-you) through the stitched canal that goes around the top of the bag.


Yay! That's it!  The drawstring bag probably takes about 10 minutes, whereas the open bag only takes about 5....but they are both so easy and *drumroll please*  zero waste AND using a repurposed item!  What are the odds?!


Just in time for the start of Farmer's Market Season!  


Friends, go forth and buy veggies and use less plastic while you're doing it! 


Happy Earth Day Week!  (That's a thing right?!)