Zero Waste: 5 Ways to Cut Down on Plastic.

One of the things I've been feeling most passionate about recently is living a more zero waste lifestyle (which I talked about more in Zero Waste Living (for a Newbie) ).  The biggest takeaway for me is to try and use plastic as little as possible.  I try not to do a ton of glass and metal, but I know the recycling life of those items is far greater than plastic, which can only be recycled a couple of times.  We are far from perfect, we still buy plastic sometimes - but I think being more cognizant of what we buy is a huge step in the right direction.  

Here are the biggest shifts I've made:

1. Bring Your Grocery Bags (& maybe always?!).


I can't tell you how many times I was just taking a walk, out for coffee with a friend, or going over to my in-laws when I wish I had an extra bag!  Now, I try to bring a little one with me everywhere I go.  I like the Chico Bag if you need a teensy one to carry with you.

2.  Drink Your Coffee at the Cafe (or bring a to-go cup).


If you know you're gonna stay there, ask for a ceramic cup.  It's cheaper for the cafe, better for the environment, and forces you to take some time for yourself or with a friend.  If you do know you are gonna take it to go, or think you might, bring your own cup!  I try to always have mine with me because I'm a slow coffee drinker!

3. Quit Using Produce Bags.


If you can avoid buying celery already in a bag, then just leave it!  Don't put it in a bag!  They don't mind at the register, and any loose veggies don't need to be quarantined in a bag.  You're going to wash them anyway, just don't do it! 

4. Buy Your Fresh Herbs in Plant Form.


I needed basil for a recipe the other day, and realized there was no plastic whatsoever on the actual basil plant.  I get lots of basil, a beautiful plant that helps keep our air clean, and no plastic?  What a good deal!  

5. Bring Your Water Bottle Everywhere.


Any time I am dying of thirst, that's when I decide I need to buy a water.  Not only is it bad for the environment, but it's a waste of money.  Now I try to bring some water with me everywhere I go!  Just avoid needing to buy it at all costs!

These are probably somewhat obvious, but it helps (myself included!) to reiterate why these habits are important.  Just a couple of little switches can make all the difference.  

Go forth and use less plastic!  

P.S. Don't get a straw with your drink!  You don't need it! <3