DIY: Oversized Shirt to Off-the-Shoulder Tunic.

How much are you folks loving this weather?!  I personally have been enjoying every ounce of warmth and sunshine I can possibly soak up over here!  That means all of the easy, throw on cotton sundresses!  This easy little DIY has been on my radar for awhile and now that we've got the warm weather to back it up, I wanted to give it a try.

Before & After Tunic.jpg

It's a smidge too short for what I'm comfortable with, but I love it as an easy beach cover up or over a pair of shorts or pants.  So comfy and the perfect billowy cotton to keep you cool. 


  • Oversized Shirt  
  • Elastic (I used 1/4" but anywhere around there could work!)
  • Basic Sewing Skills
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pin (for guiding elastic through casing)

Steps to Tunic:

1.  Get an oversized shirt, whatever you like however big you want!  

2. Cut it along the top in a straight line.


3.  Fold over top of shirt about an inch down towards inside & pin.  This will be the casing for your elastic.


4. Sew all the way around.  There will be openings where the button down starts - this will be where you insert the elastic.


5.  Hold elastic up around your shoulders where the shirt will sit with a little bit of stretch to the elastic.  Cut desired length and pin safety pin to one end.  


6. Thread elastic through casing, making sure not to let the end get pulled into the shirt casing.  


7.  Sew in a zig zag stitch over the edges and tuck into shirt.  Then even out the gathers in the elastic.  

IMG_4321 (1).jpg

You're done!  Alex snapped a few pics of me before we went to the movies last night and I loved wearing it.  So billowy and comfy, excited to make some more from different tops that need an update.  


Hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend, what fun things do you have planned?  Whatever you have planned, enjoy this sunshine to the fullest!