Repurposed: Bottle to Planter.

A couple weeks ago, my volunteer organization had a community garden clean-up with coffee and cute little scones to start the morning off right.  At the end of the clean-up there was lots of coffee and creamer that didn't get used up, so I gladly took it home to have iced coffee all week!  

That left me with this guy:


I also needed some little planters for my propagation babies from my jade plant (and out of reach from pesky kitties who keep knocking them off the window sill!).  Enter, little plastic planter repurposing project!


I cut it to the shape I wanted and plopped some white paint inside.  Then I spun it around to completely coat the inside.


White planter base! 


I added some holes on the side so I could hang it!


Now my jade baby is safe and sound in a little nook where it can grow without kitty nonsense!  I think I'll make a little grouping when I get a couple more random plastic bottles!  So easy and basically free - gotta love that.