Zero Waste: Reusable Cotton Rounds.

Do you find yourself using these little cotton rounds or cotton balls for everything like I do?  I use them for taking my makeup off, using my astringent, taking off nail polish, cleaning out a cut, and the list goes on and on...

Zero Waste Tip: DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds

Up until this week, I had been using the disposable kind which seemed silly when I have mountains (and I mean mountains) of scrap pieces of fabric.  

DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds from Fabric Scraps

I cut out two pieces per round, and used a lid from a candle jar as my stencil - they are slightly bigger then the standard size, but I liked having them be a smidge bigger for more coverage.  I used cotton mostly, with some fleece scraps I had left over - they do add a nice bit of absorbency when you use the fleecey side.  

DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds from Fabric Scraps

I zig zag stitched around them to make them as durable as possible and to eliminate fraying.  I love the pop of the orange thread around the edges!

DIY reusable cotton rounds from fabric scraps.

This batch took me only about 15 minutes from start to finish.  I'm sure I'll make more too just so I can have a big full load before I wash them - plus I use maybe 3-4 every day!  

DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds from Fabric Scraps.

If you don't think you can DIY these bad boys, there are tons on Etsy that I love - like these or these!


I'm always looking for ways to cut down on waste and live closer to zero waste with every decision I make - do you have any suggestions or tips that you love?!  

Reusable Cotton Rounds from Fabric Scraps