Repurposed: Hanging Basket to Light Fixture.

Alright, who here hates stupid contractor grade "boob" lights?!  You know the ones...

I HATE them!  However, one of the things you learn quickly when you own a home (or car, bike, etc.) is which things you need to do for first (for safety & health of your home), and which things are just the fun cosmetic things.  This project falls into the latter category. 

So, what do you do when you don't want to spend money, but you want something cuter?  Repurpose!  Woo!

Before & After Basket Light Fixture.jpg

This is the second time I've done this in our house, and I really like the outcome.  This is our guest room/Alex's office/where I shoot my it needs to be bright, preferably in a cute way!  I used a hanging basket that had hay in it, I pulled out the hay and wrapped it in twine.  Hot glue, and you're basically done!

You need a hanging basket like this one - really any variation, and any size!  I got mine second hand at the end of last summer for less than $1, they are almost always at second hand stores or yard sales.

Like this one from  Home Depot !

Like this one from Home Depot!

Then you just slowly wrap the twine and glue every few times around.  I'm pretty generous with glue, I think it makes the process easier and will probably last a bit longer.


After you take the old light fixture off, there will be a gold foil background - I painted everything white, including the gold metal that surrounds the foil.  I added some cuter bulbs I had laying around and hung the basket with 2 cup hooks so I could get in and out to replace the bulbs.  


I need to figure out this throw pillow situation, but I think the room is coming along nicely.  The mirrors are all thrifted, the newspaper flowers are from a window installation I made a few years ago, and the blanket ladder is rescued from the curb!  

The whole project cost me less than $5, took me about 2 hours and looks soooooooooo much better then the dreaded boob light!  

Go forth and repurpose!