Inspiration Tuesdays - The Princess Bride.

I'm not even sure if I need to explain how this is inspiring... or why I love it.  I think pretty much anyone who has ever seen this understands how amazing it is.  It's a classic story of true love, with romance, fantasy, comedy, and adventure.  



I don't really think that I need to summarize, but for anyone who has never seen it or hasn't seen it in awhile the story starts with a grandfather reading a story to his sick grandson.  The story is of a young girl, Buttercup, who lives on a farm with her servant boy Westley.  After a while they realize that they are madly in love each other and that in order to marry, Westley must seek his fortune when the Dread Pirate Roberts take him hostage.  Of course the Dread Pirate Roberts notoriously don't keep their captives alive, so Buttercup mourns her love and reluctantly decides to marry Prince Humperdinck a longtime suitor of hers.  Three outlaws kidnap Princess Buttercup from her Prince and a Man in Black, along with Prince Humperdinck are following all of them to rescue her.  After duels on cliffs and sneaky hi-jinx, Buttercup is rescued by the Man in Black!  Of course she discovers that the Man in Black is her beloved Westley.  Prince Humperdinck finds them and wants to kill Westley and take Buttercup back to the castle.   Buttercup agrees to marry him in exchange for Westley's release.  Prince Humperdinck then nearly kills Westley, but two of the outlaws decide they need to help the Man in Black get back to his true love.  After many duels and running and general adventure, Westley and Buttercup reunite and run off together!  The last scene ends with the grandson saying to his grandfather that tomorrow he would like him to read the book to him again.  He replies "As you wish." -the phrase Westley says to her Buttercup whenever she asks for anything.

Living In - The Princess Bride.jpg

Between the hair, and the velvet, and the leather, and the gold and silver belts, and Buttercup's beautiful dresses - my goodness!  It's so beautiful.  I'm obsessed with the blue dress she wears.   I could live there in this world for eternity.

Whisk me away pretty please?  At least to somewhere warmer.