Inspiration Tuesdays - Tulle.

Today in Buffalo, we're in quite the blizzard.  I know I know, snow in Buffalo!?  Really though, we don't get as much as you might think!  It's definitely not all bad for me- this is the first snow day I've had in a long time and I have quite enjoyed it. 

So while the snow is blowing around the house, Alex and I are cozy in our pajamas dreaming of warmer temperatures.  

I'm dreaming specifically of tulle.  Is there anything more feminine and sophisticated?  I know how horribly wrong the puffy skirt can go, but let's look at some ladies that get it so right.  


Aren't you wishing you had some sort of occasion to wear this look to?  I know I am.  And imagine a rugged leather tote with it.  Ugh, spring can't come soon enough.

A girl can dream...