In the Kitchen: Leftover Greens Pesto.

Guys, we did it!  Summer is here - birds are chirping, kids are running around, gardens are growing, and basil is ever prevalent.  To me summer means outdoor concerts, grilling, biking everywhere, and lots of easy raw meals.  Mostly because we live on the second floor and are too stingy to use our AC all day...BUT with everything being so fresh and in season, it's the perfect time to really use all of the flavors of the season!

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In the Kitchen: Making My Own Bread.

This is one of my very favorite (and easiest) things to make from scratch.  I've experimented with a lot of different recipes and I love the entire process.  However, I think we can agree the bread making process can be a bit on the time consuming end.  I would make some bread, and then buy it, make some, and buy it... then mostly buy it... 

....then I got *drumroll please* a BREAD MAKER!

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