Zero Waste: Reusable Cotton Rounds.

Do you find yourself using these little cotton rounds or cotton balls for everything like I do?  I use them for taking my makeup off, using my astringent, taking off nail polish, cleaning out a cut, and the list goes on and on... Up until this week, I had been using the disposable kind which seemed silly when I have mountains (and I mean mountains) of scrap pieces of fabric.  

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DIY: Tea Towel to Produce Bag.

When I go to the grocery store, I try to use as little plastic as possible.  One of the ways to avoid using the plastic produce bags is to bring your own cloth bags to throw your veggies into!  A lot of fruits and veggies you can just pack loose in your grocery bag, but for things like brussel sprouts or snap peas - these are an absolute necessity. 

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In the Kitchen: Making My Own Bread.

This is one of my very favorite (and easiest) things to make from scratch.  I've experimented with a lot of different recipes and I love the entire process.  However, I think we can agree the bread making process can be a bit on the time consuming end.  I would make some bread, and then buy it, make some, and buy it... then mostly buy it... 

....then I got *drumroll please* a BREAD MAKER!

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