To continue on my now probably 5th (maybe 6th?) annual tradition of starting out with high goals for myself, my business and overall health and happiness - why not start off with a bang of unrealistic goals and resolutions?!  

No no no, I'm just kidding - they are totally attainable.  Right?  Right.  

I'm not sure if I just fall victim to the notion of growing and changing with a new year or if I just read too many self-help books (I love them!), but every year the same thing happens.  I end up writing down 15-20 resolutions, often the same as last year only different by one or two words.  This year however was slightly different.  Different in that I think I have a pretty good grasp on myself, on who I am, what I cherish and what my priorities are.  This is probably the first year I can say that my last year's resolutions actually did help shape who I am now, and who I want to be in the future.  

I'll start with some of the highlights from my very wonderful 2015.

  • We bought an old beautiful house in a new neighborhood.
  • I stopped working in a wonderful restaurant (which was harder than expected!), and started with a new company that has helped me grow and flourish in new ways.
  • My new position has awakened my passion for clothes, style, and making all sorts of beautiful things with my hands.
  • I started cooking at home more and tried to meal plan better.
  • I learned to try and appreciate everything I have, and stop coveting more. (Obviously, that one's a work in progress).
  • I explored this city with a fresh outlook and spent so much time by our beautiful Lake Erie.
  • Spent quality time with lots of friends, old and new, and had so many fantastic family visits. 

The list could probably go on, but those are some of my favorites.  And with that - I'll tell you a little about what I want this next year to hold.  

  • Budgeting my time and money better.
  • Finding good organizational methods for my studio (and life? Alright, that one is a little unrealistic.  But a girl can try.)
  • Further improve my meal planning/cooking at home.
  • Devote lots of time to this website and my NestingDoll shop.
  • Improve my customer service skills at my new position (because this job has solidified how much I love helping & interacting with customers to find exactly what they need!).
  • Find a regular exercise practice (predictable, but completely necessary).

So what do you think?  Feel like you have read these before?  Well, you probably have... but I'm such a sucker for fresh starts.  I'm coming for you 2016, and I'm excited for all the goodies it has in store for me.  

Happy New Year to all of you lovely people who support me in so many ways.  

You're the best!  Cheers!