NestingDoll is a lover of all things vintage, transforming forgotten treasures and breathing new life into them - all while trying to be a little 'greener'.

NestingDoll Loves Vintage.

I'm committed to hunting down the perfect forgotten treasure roaming estate sales, antique stores and flea markets to find the next curiosity.  You can find me doing this most weekends, coffee in tow.


NestingDoll Loves Style.

Obsessed with design, I'm constantly following tutorials, repurposing items and picking up new hobbies.  While hunting for forgotten treasures I seek only the highest quality goods that have great bones for a future project.  Often times I'm inspired by the material itself and let it lead the way towards the style it desires!

NestingDoll Loves the Environment

In an effort to keep treasures out of landfills, I try to remake and repurpose items that I can see potential in!  I am constantly trying to DIY my old into something new again in my house, my kitchen and my business.  A fan of natural and slow living, I value our environment and think about it with everything I do. 

NestingDoll Loves Handmade.

Always been a lover of working with my hands, I started early - sewing on a little Peter Rabbit sewing machine at 4 with my Mom's guidance!  Everything I make is 100% Handmade from the beginning to the end.  Because of this each and every item will be slightly different and have it's own personality.  Every item made is truly a one-of-a-kind piece. 



If you feel more comfortable shopping on Etsy, feel free to peruse my goodies there!